The title of this post will not mean anything to a number of you but on the day before embarking on our short trip over the border to Port Credit , the Canadians might catch the origin of this reference. ( Especially Kathi Black and Suzanne)

I am writing this from the wonderful Port Huron KOA Campground   where we have had a fantastic, hot and very active, (did I emphasis active strongly enough for you LOL) weekend with the boys Derich (7) and Oscar (4) .

Now the accommodations here are first-rate but we are only able to get 4 TV channels and 3 of them are the Canadian channels, CTV, CBC and Global.  I have spent over half my life watching Canadian TV and the soundtrack of my life is composed from numerous Canadian artists. ( One of the many things I loved about Canada was the musicians that were uniquely Canadian  and I’m not talking about Justin Bieber!)

So who shows up on The Marilyn Dennis Show this morning? No other than Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo!! ( There are only a few people who know how much I love Jim!!) So when I heard him sing I felt nostalgic and played Lost Together on you tube, a performance that happen to include a number of my fav’s! It was the perfect way to start my day!



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As I was capturing camping moments this weekend I heard Oscar rejecting Derich’s help in setting up his Minecraft game .  Derich crossed his arms and replied “Fine Oscar, do want you want…it’s your world!”



20180803180439_IMG_3036 (2)

It made me think how true that was even outside a video game.

It’s our world to do what we want and remember if we get lost, we will get lost together!

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