Yes it’s true I only gave my friends in Canada 48 hours notice that we were coming for only 48 hours! ( Only me and yes I was told I did the same thing last year.) You bet I also heard ,”You are on the road for 2 months and you give us 2 days?” Oh my I can’t tell you how horrible I feel but that’s what good friends are about ,they love you regardless and in spite of yourself! And I’ve  got to say I really felt the love!!!!!


Fortunately there was room available at the Clar/Gelmo bed and breakfast in Lorne Park Ontario! I could easily give them a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor as the ‘innkeepers’ Nadia  (my bestie ) and Balthazar ( known as B) are outstanding hosts.  In fact it was Nadia’s idea to invite everyone over to her house for a “Pop up Party” that coordinated with our “Pop up Visit”


So with 13 people confirmed Nadia immediately started planning the menu. ( For our gang at the Landmark who have experienced one of Nadia’s meals you know what a fabulous cook she is!) Of Course she also had some help from our other well know Chef,  Big Daddy Christie and B! It was insane watching B & Christie BBQ in the middle of a downpour! Now that’s a cooking commitment!


The menu included a selection cheeses and Italian  meats, smoked fish with a mustard sauce, capers , onions and homemade crostinis. Grilled lamb  skewers, salmon, flank steak , potato and corn salad, other salads a selection of fruits. Everything was washed down with a plethora of alcohol selections beginning with Champagne and  ending with Aged Cognac.




As outstanding as the food was it was absolutely mind-blowing to see all my friends! Nadia, Steve , Kathi and Suzanne had all worked for /with me in the past but our friendship has surpassed being a work relationship to a lifelong connection. Isn’t that the best thing about good friends,? You pick up the minute you left off no matter how long it’s been. ( or how short the notice was!)

I also loved seeing Kevin one of my all time favorite people and my nephew Noah and my Godson Angel and of course our favorite “Cousin Melissa!” Another fun favorite was having Nadia’s sister-in law Theresa come with her adorable girls Giselle and Nicki. ( I was fortunate to see Nad’s parents as well the night before)




I had  so much fun  and haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It was awesome that Kathi was here from Morocco at the same time . Must have been meant to be.

I know it was way too short but it was so heartwarming to see everyone . I am happy that everyone looked great and is in good health . I just want you all to know how honored I feel to have you in my life and I love you all! ( Christy Heenan we will make it happen soon)

Thank you all for the best 48 hours of the trip!!!!





3 Replies to “48 Hours”

  1. Everyone looks so GREAT!!!

    How lucky you are to be able to see everyone at the same time, minus Miss. Heenan!

    My, how Nadia can throw together a meal that quickly is astonishing.

    Getting to see Noah, Angel AND Melissa…look at you go!


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