Before I even start this post I have to rant on how irritating it is not to have access to high speed internet in 2018! I mean I can understand if you are in Denali in Alaska or the Antarctica but Wisconsin and Michigan? Really ? It may seem like I feel entitled but it’s almost like checking in some place ( campground, hotel etc) that said, “we offer you electricity but it may not be strong enough to accommodate all your needs, such as cooking a meal with the light on!” Enough said

I wanted to share some random pictures I took in Wisconsin which is a collection of People. Places and Things. The pictures were fun and I don’t think I shared them before. ( I’d  look back at my posts but I am seizing the moment of connectivity and don’t want to jinx it!)

A taste of sights and sounds of July in Wisconsin!

Hope you enjoy!




One Reply to “People,Places & Things”

  1. Totally understand about your internet. While in Soldotna, Alaska, because we have Verizon service, most times we could not receive or make phone calls either! Soldotna is not in the bush (remote); only a couple hours from Anchorage. It was good to get away from technology…..we had to actually visit with family and friends! Love your random photos!!! You have quite the eye for photography!! Xx


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