KDP University…Do you need a degree to self-publish?

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With over 6 million Kindle books available and a new one published every 2 minutes, is it a pre-requisite to complete the Kindle Direct Publishing University in order to get your book noticed on Amazon?

What happened to the good old days of distributing your dissertation through a reputable agent at a publishing house?  The easy answer is time! No one got time for that! The second is sticking with the conventional route at a pace that will ensure your book will be out of date before your manuscript hits the shelf

Unfortunately, it’s no longer just about having the “Great Novel inside us” it’s about how quickly you can bring your story to the reader. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has not only mastered the publishing process, but they also have a built-in clientele to reach out too in a matter of minutes.

If you have time and are savvy then you can work you through the KDP instructions on Amazon, However whether it be Lego, Ikea or Amazon Publishing, sometimes complexity of directions just blow your mind. So why not just do a blog…because you need that Amazon marketing machine backing you up especially if you do not have the support of a well-established publishing house.

Now Kindle has a self-proclaimed University program, if you’re inclined to be the hands-on type of learner, This will help ensure that your book meets KDP’s specifications and provide you with all the standards professional designers follow.

So what do you do? How do you start? Why should you do it? According to Seth Godin  from David Kadavvy’s recent podcast, Seth says:

“If you’re publishing yourself, you have the most committed publisher in the world…. You’re still going to be the head of marketing for your book. So how do you learn that? Well, you learn it by doing. And the easiest way to do it…is to come out with a book a week on the Kindle…. It costs nothing to do this. It costs less than it cost me to mail my proposals to book publishers. So what are you waiting for!?” — Seth Godin

A book a week may be ambitious but not as much as you once thought it was. For example, if you have content to share, a good understanding of the logistics of using KDP, your book can be available for sale and making you money in one day! Why wait 3 years laboring over what could be potentially outdated material anyway?

They have thrown another reason to speed up issuing your prose…the definition of a book has changed. As a self-publisher you can produce books about cooking, a children’s story, travel guide, a how-to manual, corporate internal manuscripts right along with your great novel.

A Ph.D. may not be mandatory but follow along with me over the next number of articles where we will examine the top following elements

  1. Creating an Account
  2. Prepare
  3.  Publish
  4.  Promote
  5. Update Your Book
  6. Orders
  7. Sales, Royalties, Taxes
  8. Legal

Join me in learning Kindle Direct Publishing broken into manageable lessons and taught in plain understandable language. I also welcome comments and questions as we go through University together. ( As well as feedback from Kindle themselves)

I can’t guarantee I’ll get an article out  a week out but I can assure you when I have completed the entire series, it will become a Kindle book!



About Patricia

Patricia Brusha exploded on the literary scene in 2018 with the debut of “Another Hot Mess” series. After over 30 award-winning years in the digital marketing for travel vertical, Patricia now adds authoring a series of contemporary fiction novels to her resume

Co-founder in 2005 of two innovative companies ‘A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing’ and ‘Online Revealed Canada’ in Toronto Ontario, Patricia is now exploring the new world of self-publishing in Cave Creek Arizona. Current works include Another Hot Mess, “Would you Rather?”, “P.S. jr”  and the “Brusha Touch”

Patricia Brusha


Author & Self Publisher

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