Its that time of year again, the festive season! Where family, friends, neighbors, co-workers all pop in to raise a glass in celebration.


We all expect good old Aunt Jen to drink too much red wine, Cousin Billy to put a dent into the top shelf labels, the kids to juggle beer pong and toddlers simultaneously! Less conspicuous but equally significant, is the permission you give yourself to cast any personal self-control out the window.

But “NO”, you exclaim to yourself in all caps, “How  can we possibly let loose without  a bar?”
Yet we would not think twice about the inappropriateness of setting out ashtrays or a table full of food without identifying possible allergens such as wheat, nuts, soy or dairy.?
Then why do we desperately cling to the tradition of, “If we can still stand at the end of the night it wasn’t a good party?”

It’s time for a hack!

Throw out all your alcohol!  (Were the instructions my daughter, and I received after completing detox!)
Now that didn’t sound fun or fair. Why should we suffer and make others around us suffer too due to our own challenges with drinking?
Starting from scratch I created a new, improved and enviable bar that will become the showpiece of our celebrations this holiday season.  Here are some very easy steps for you to follow to make your hack the envy of all hacks!
  • Start with a blank canvas. You don’t have to throw things out but completely just open your mind to the possibilities
  •  Challenge yourself to shop for beverages that are not just limited to, Alcohol, Coffee, Tea and Soda
  • The beverage  market has expanded offering some exotic  offerings as
    • mini veggie juices – tomato, V8   Clamato
    • vintage soda, root beer, cream soda
    • sparkling flavored waters like La Croix
    • Iced Coffees, Frappuccino, mocha
    • Exotic  Cold Teas like  Tea of a Kind, Arnold Palmer, AZ Tea
    • 20181210212304_IMG_5004 Trade Robert Mondovi for Arnold Palmer
    • Sparkling ciders and Egg Nog
    • Non-Alcoholic Pina Coloda, Margaretta,
  •  Pair offerings with special glasses, make the drinks feel fancy. Keep sizes smaller so guests  can indulge in a tasting experienced as opposed to holding their glass of Coke  all night
  •  Add garnish boards to decorate drinks, sliced fruit, olives, veggies, chocolate, peppermint, fresh herbs
  • Find fun cocktail napkins, stirrers, and umbrellas

Sit back and enjoy the fun and unless they ask, let them think they are getting buzzed!


3 Replies to “Holiday Hacks For Your Bar!”

  1. My type of bar! Yea…I have been waiting a long time for this…2019 is going to be a fabulously wonderful year…,oh yeah! Thank you!! Xx

    “Be high spirited every day!” Carol “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


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