Sometimes the best visits are the ones that are spontaneous not planned. That’s what happened this week when our friends re-routed their trip back to Denver from San Diego to come see us! Bruce and Christie had worked many years together at Chrysler and I tell you if he had a long-lost brother, it would be Bruce. The two of them are so much alike!

I first got to know Donna when we had dinner with the Parma’s back in Michigan long ago and ended up going home with a Yorkie Puppy, our little Napa! (unfortunately, we lost Napa a few years ago due to a tragic accident) Donna and I became fast friends between our love of dogs and the similarities in our husbands!

We have visited each other over the years and we had even taken a road trip along Route 66 with them in the past. But this was our first official ‘out-of-town’ visitors to our new home in Cave Creek. So, we rolled out the bucking broncos to give them a hospitable welcome.

The first night we took them to The Buffalo Chip where there actually is Bull riding every Wednesday and Friday. It was a blast and we all felt like we were thrown right back into the wild wild west

Now Donna and Bruce have a new puppy a Parti Yorkie named Sassy and boy is she aptly named . What a hoot this little critter is, and Grayson just LOVED her! (He’s laying next to me exhausted as I write this!) But she sure is Sassy rolling and tumbling all over Grayson, how quick we forget what puppies are like!

Living in the Sonoran Desert we had to take a ride out into the desert to take pics of the Saguaros! (we have so many in our yard we really didn’t have to drive anywhere LOL).


We wanted to show them there is water in the desert and we took a short ride out to Lake Pleasant. Who knew that the water was down 70 feet! Apparently, that’s on purpose and they begin to re-fill the water as the season gets started.

It was a wonderful visit full of food, lots of laughs and a true AZ experience! We look forward to our next visit together!

20180906_180020 (1)


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  1. Who knew you were such an amazing travel reporter!?! I love your account of the visit, my friend! I couldn’t have said it better myself! We love you guys…all three of you! Thank you for your unequalled hospitality! We had a great couple of days! ❤️❤️❤️

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