Have you ever had a fondue party? Not me or us…but when you bring back copious amounts of Swiss and Gruyere from Wisconsin it seems like a no brainer!  We had a 3-course fondue party to reconnect with our AZ family after summer vacation

Round one was a traditional cheese fondue where in addition to bread we offered steamed cauliflower, broccoli, roasted potatoes and ham chunks for dipping

The second round was totally new to me, hot oil! Christie had prepared teriyaki steak slices, seasoned steak slices, shrimp and even made from scratch a tempura batter for the shrimp! It was paired with a beautiful spinach salad that Lyann made.

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Of course, one of the favorites was round three, where Patrick created delicious dippers of apples, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and pound cake to dip into the chocolate dessert!

The afternoon, the meal took 5 hours with digestion and even nap breaks, was like a throw back to the 70’s. The meal is such an interactive experience no one looked at cell phones but stayed in the moment dipping, drinking and catching up on everyone’s summer.

It was a good thing technology wasn’t a huge part of the day because when Bob pulled out his computer to show us all something, I immediately knocked my champagne all over his keyboard! Thank Goodness Paula was there…IT to the rescue and used my hair dryer to fix it right back up.

We did have a “cheese fondue” dress rehearsal on Saturday with Courtney and Rich. So, I think I have had my fill of cheese this weekend.

Grayson had a great time this long weekend, her cousin Bryer spent the night Saturday and Milko came to visit with Paula.

Its nice to be home and to see our AZ friends! (We missed you Carol ,Scott, Mary and Tim)


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