So when Big Daddy takes over someones kitchen there is nothing to do except pop the Champagne, from Champagne ,and challenge Carol to a competition!  ( For those of you who know Carol you know how easy  it is to get her to play along just name the rules and away we go!)


The whole photo contest idea started when Scott gave me this sweet lens from his old Canon Camera to try out before I bought a new one.  I had been told by my friends Kathi and Steve I needed a lens that was in between my portrait and telephoto. So out of the blue  Scott produces a 28-135 lens that was exactly  what I wanted to try!

While Christie began the paella prep I mentioned I wanted to try the new lens out by taking some food photos. Well before you could say ‘cheese’ Carol grabs her iPhone and said “let the games begin”

Rules were we could shoot anything and everything we wanted regarding the dinner and we would pick our top 6 photos for the boys to judge after dinner ( not knowing who took which photo)


With the backdrop of a selection of Wisconsin cheeses that we had brought for the appetizer round ( Manchego, Port de Salut , Emil , Garlic Havarti, Rattlesnack Chedder, Maytag Blue and Limburger!) Carol and I were practically pushing each other out-of-the-way as we strived for the money shot!


Needless to say the food was delicious and the wine flowed like the stream behind their house.  It was a really fun challenge and something I had never done before. As we combined our top picks into a mini slide show it was interesting to see our different perspectives and which photos we chose.

I won’t tell you the winning photo so you can play along and choose which one you like the best, however I will say I was the winner of the Paella Photo challenge!!!!! Our compliments to Chef Christie!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Carol wasn’t too disappointed as she crushed me in shuffleboard later that evening!




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