Missed the Amish but found the Cheese!

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Our journey back west started with a stop at the KOA Granger Indiana Campground   I was excited about this stop because it was an easy driving day that would allow us to go visit the Amish Community in Shipshewana.  They claim it is the 3rd largest Amish Community in the United States!


So, Christie unhooks the jeep, I grab my camera and the dog and hop in only to find it the car wouldn’t start! It appeared that an aftermarket “kill switch” was activated and wouldn’t allow the ignition to turn over.

After troubleshooting many solutions, including searching YouTube, we resigned ourselves that not only would we miss the Amish but we could possibly be stuck in Indiana for another day.

As hubby continued to try to solve the problem I did what any wife would do, I went shopping in KOA General Store! Now one of the things I have loved about staying with the KOA Family they each incorporate a unique and local flavor while maintaining the quality of the brand.

The Granger location is known as the classic Campground with vintage sodas & tin toys. I was like a kid in a candy store. I just knew the retro toys would be a perfect addition to the treasures in Camp Brusha!


The nostalgic ambiance was apparent throughout the grounds with amenities resembling images from travels when I was a kid. There was even a donkey there! I spent some quality time with my camera capturing the surroundings, while Christie continued to sweat ( literally) over the jeep.

We walked over to the Italian restaurant recommended by the camp hosts and were delighted to find an authentic experience at Capri Restaurant  where we even meet the Italian born owner.

When he found out Christie was Italian he said to him before we left, “Stoppa onna by on your way outta town, I have package for you to bring to my Uncle in Sicily. Just don’t open it”So guess what? We woke up at 6:30 to tow the jeep to a local mechanic, and it started! Like magic! So we headed to Iowa where we ended up in the KOA Newton Iowa

……and this is where we found the cheese!


The Maytag Dairy Farm originated in 1919 by E.H. Maytag, the son of Maytag Appliance company founder F.L. Maytag! The Original Maytag Man!

Still a family run business   Christie AKA The Grand Fromage   (Check out the blog I started for him 10 years ago!!!)  and I had to buy a wheel of blue, one of my faves!

Their other selections of Cheddar, Edam and Gouda caught our eye but when Christie inquired if they were also made there, the lady said in a quiet tone with a hand raised to the side of her face, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but they come from Wisconsin! ”


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