S’more Camp Brusha Tales!

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This was our final grand kid weekend of our summer extravaganza in Wisconsin and Michigan and what a fun weekend it was! This is our second year with the RV and though we have had the kids sleep over we have never had anyone come camp with us…until now!


We were thrilled that Beau , Angela and our new grand dog Ralphie Mac-N-Cheese brought their pop up camper to Port Huron to join us and the boys! It was super cool they brought all of their bikes with them and the boys were off  pedaling before you could say , “Don’t go too far!”



Yes we all got our “camp on” with swimming, campfires, s’mores, water balloons , make your own treasure box and all kinds of good food! Grandpa even made pasta on Sunday!

The boys were begging their dad to “buy them a bag of sand” at the General Store so they could mine for gold or fossils.  As an adult it seems like a bit of a gimic where you are paying anywhere between $7-10 to see them dump the sand in the “Sluice Box” to reveal their treasures in a matter of seconds.

“That’s it?” , I was thinking as the “cost per occupied time seemed short”  but the only thing that was short was my ability to see what the kids saw. I never realized how fascinated both of them are about gems and minerals

Back at the  campsite they spread out the mining identification sheet and matched and read about there finds…with a major amount of enthusiasm I might add.

Now don’t be jealous, ( especially you Scott…I imagine this is like seeing yourself as a boy) but Derich & Oscar found in their bags some very , very , very rare stones !  Derich had such beauties as an arrow-head, amethyst, crystal, fools gold and multiple shark teeth! Just to name a few.

Oscar  discovered in his haul all that Derich  had except the shark teeth…but he found a diamond, ( we are sure it is!) and a fossil known as dino poop.

So as far as the 2018 Camp Brusha Summer , it’s a wrap! Grandparents “dropping the mic”


Now we will begin the 2000 mile journey back to Az  with a stop in Denver to visit Carol and Scott! I wonder what advetures we will find on the road back home??



2 Replies to “S’more Camp Brusha Tales!”

  1. You will have to do a road trip to Wyoming to look for fossils. It is really fun and the boys would love it. Or you could go with us and bring back stuff for the boys to dig through. Jackson Hole is close by as well. Can’t wait to see you guys! Be safe! Xx


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