Kicking it Old School & New

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$2.00 beers all day every day….only in Racine! Kicking it old school is right! Bocce Ball at the Moose Club on Wednesdays, Fish Fry on Friday nights , The Festival at the St Lucy’s Church and classic cars for sale in front of people’s houses!

For  some reason whenever we are here we see such great cars for sale. Christie’s keen eye spotted 3 worth stopping to take a closer look , a 63 Volkswagen Pick up Truck , 85 Renault Alliance convertible and little MG.

The interesting thing about the Renault is it was the first car model Christie was responsible for  in the body shop. He told me they cut  the  roof off, bent the body and then added the reinforcement  and voila, you had a convertible.   He told me it was the 5th car built on the same assembly line in Kenosha Wisconsin. ( Where my husband started his car career)


Last night at the festival Christie was the first winner in  Bingo ! This one’s for you Carol! The jackpot was $14.00!!

Awww nostalgia… but now on to New School! Grandma came up with the idea of  creating school time for Sophia when she is here. I thought it would help get her ready for preschool in the fall and guess what? She loves it. The first thing we did was decorate her new  pencil box. Grandma runs the lessons while Grandpa is the teachers helper. We write-up a daily report card and when all the lessons are done, she gets to pick one treat from Grandma Brusha’s Treasure Box…ok so I have been talked in to 2 or 3 items at a time! We are both so proud of her and what a smart little girl she is!

No matter if its old school or  new school there is always time for play! Grandpa jumped  in to be Simon when we played Simon Says at Jellystone and  Grandma just loves being silly !


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I will wrap this up with my favorite picture of the week!



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