“Not a thing to do but talk to you! We’re all alright, we’re all ok ! Hello Wisconsin!”

Sitting here at the campsite it’s easy to imagine that someone has turned back time. I feel like we are part of “The 70’s Show!” Our first week here has been jam-packed with all the summer activities I remember from when I was a kid and I am loving every minute of it!

I was hanging out by the campfire the other night listening to music. As I looked around I could see families throwing bean bags for cornhole, kids riding their bikes , Parents with dogs and strollers following behind, groups of young to old sitting in a circle around the fire, talking and roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

There were campers cooking out with smells of ribs  and chicken wafting through the air. Cheers and Jeers as groups were playing board games. laughter, singing and yes some yelling and crying.

But the thing that stood out most to me was, I didn’t see one person, young or old, looking at a cell phone or tablet. ( Even our grandkids had a ‘no tablet’ rule from their parents’ ) It was absolutely refreshing to see interaction between humans minus the distractions that have become the everyday norm.

We were made for this! To take time to appreciate each other and the wonders that surround us all. ( wherever you are this summer) Sometimes it  takes a road trip to remember who you really are!

Here are highlights from the week in pictures!

Grandpa teaches Sophia to play baseball

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Derich enjoying a summers day!


Oscar at the 4th of July Parade


We all love a Parade!

and I even think Big Daday is enjoying himself… He’s looking pretty cute!

4 Replies to “Hello Wisconsin!”

  1. Fun fun fun! I hope you or they have Yogi Bear reruns…. don’t forget to make pigs in a blanket, s’mores, etc etc. it’s all about the food, hehehe. Xx



    It makes me 🙂 happy!

    Killer writing by the way, some smart, clever cookie you are Momoo.

    *Sophia is DEFINITELY my niece, as she plays softball and I join a team hahaha, have you seen that expressive face? She takes after Lea, Momoo and me hahaha!

    I mean yogi and boo-boo are cool, but a whole month of them? I couldn’t do that hahaha.




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