Happy Birthday Christie!

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Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday.


He has been fortunate to share his birthday with Canada Day! For the majority of our marriage ( 20 years this coming December) we celebrated Christie’s Birthday in Canada and they were so polite they threw a parade for him every year! ( At least that’s what we told him!)

My entire life changed from the moment I met my  Big Daddy. I was told by others he was the nicest person you’d ever meet and I knew right away how lucky I was.  He has traveled the globe for work and pleasure and people always  remember him . Maybe it’s the awesome  mouth-watering pasta he cooks for all of us or his delicious pizza’s he makes from his dad’s recipe.  His dad, Christie, started Brusha’s Club & Restaurant in 1955 with his brother Oscar and little  Christie grew up in a restaurant environment that has blessed us all with his cooking skills. My Christie was just 3 years old when the restaurant opened. , ( now you know how old he is lol)  Grandma Brusha  was also an amazing cook so I guess he was destined from the start to be an incredible chef!

brusha restaurant.jpg

Today we had a great celebration at Jellystone with Lea & Sophia and as I write this we are under a Tornado watch .

I love you hunny and hope today was everything you hoped for!

bd birthday

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