Dog Days of Summer brings crippling heat !

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What is going on with the weather! The bad monkey came back with an excessive  heat warning across the midwest and triple digit temperatures and so steamy my glasses fogged up when I got out of the car. My sweat was dripping into my eyes making them sting while my glasses were too streaked to see out of.  And people ask how we survive summer in AZ?



(Speaking of Bad Monkey we are down to the last two chapters…oh Mr. Driggs stole the show!  semi spoiler alert)

In addition to the heat we continued to have “bad monkey” problems with the battery in the jeep. It keeps dying and setting off the blue ox alarm. It must be something to do with the connection but in 110 or so heat , after arriving on the Friday of the long weekend, at a theme  park campground ..the  best decision was to change to the new battery Christie bought, was it back in New Mexico? I can’t remember. Poor guy changing the battery and he was soaked through and though. At least we have some time to figure out the problem.

So we made it to Jellystone in Wisconsin arriving to the heat advisory  and a jam-packed campground! There were bikes, tents, golf carts , fires (yes even in what feels like 110 degrees these campers were bound and  determined to get their ‘Camping on!’) I swear some sites had at least 20 chairs in a circle.

20180630155808_IMG_1252 (2)

Lea and Sophia came out on Saturday and camped out with us. I surprised Christie by renting a  golf cart for the week as his early  birthday present. ( Do not even ask how much they charge, it’s outrageous ! But I didn’t think he needed another shirt) So we drive to the pool ( thanks god because I cannot stop sweating , I have butt sweat , boob sweat, eye sweat and at least driving through the heat on the cart puts one tiny ounce of relief as the wind blows by. Mind you the speed limit is only  5 miles per hour  haha)

When we got to the pool my first thought  was , “How  are we even going to get wet there were so many people in the pool!” Kids splashing ,jumping , screaming , crying , laughing it was insane.  ( No lap swimming here…Courtney remember Jim Carey & Will Ferrel in the SNL  Lifeguard sketch?)

We had a great time anyway, Sophia got  a glitter tattoo (  of course it costs money  like the ceramics did  today. They get you for everything but I guess that’s what being a grandparent is all about. Plus it is fun to do the activities)

The day ended up being one of those perfect summer fun days we all dream about. Good food, hot dogs, bubbles and Sophia’s Fashion Show rounded out the evening before we watched Sing and anxiously awaited Grandpa’s birthday the next morning!

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2 Replies to “Dog Days of Summer brings crippling heat !”

  1. Sophia looks amazing! Everything looks so amazing, Lea blowing the bubbles is so cool! Love the camera.


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