Springfield to Springfield… D’OH

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OK so I really thought the home of the Simpsons was either Springfield Missouri or Springfield Illinois. As we traveled from one to the other today I saw nothing to do with the Simpsons.  My friend David Doucette  ( for some reason he is one of those people I  always use their first & last name whenever I talk about them)  informed me that ….


Well hell , I wasn’t even close!  Thanks David!!

homer rv

As I was holding my camera waiting to see some kind of sign about Homer, Marge, Bart or someone, I was struck by the number of billboards in the middle of nowhere. I guess it was pretty great foresight because I swear these signs have been here before the internet. Yet somehow they are conveniently place in areas where there is no cell or data signal.  So there was nothing else to do but sit back and enjoy the show.

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As you probably guessed by now , or if you have driven this path before, the retro ads coupled with local vehicles  transport you back in time to the historical magic of Route 66.

This is our final stop before we arrive at our 1st destination, Jellystone Park. Believe it or not we are spending a month there. ( Imagine living at a theme campground for  30 days!) By the end of the month I’m sure yogi will see me and say “Hey Gurl”   and I’ll say “Hey Yogi” . #BFF

20180628_121217 (2)

The past three nights we have stayed at KOA Kampgrounds and I have to say how impressed I am! The locations are cool, the staff is so friendly, the grounds are immaculate, they have awesome amenities and there is consistency in the brand that is comforting. ( We will actually be staying at the KOA in Port Huron for the first two weeks in August) We love our new membership!

After we arrived today we were hit with a severe thunderstorm with up to 70 mile an hour winds.  I tell you I’ve been in the desert so long I was blown away by the thunder and lightning,

20180628_170130 (2)

How soon we forget, the weather forecast in AZ is generally the same everyday! The irony is we planned our trip to see the grandkids and escape the summer heat back home, but the forecast calls for temperatures feeling up to 111 degrees!


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