cb- ok farm house (2)

New day , battery charged and all Bad Monkeys gone! ( Except the book of course…) After getting a new battery as a back up we sailed across Texas on our way from Tucumcari to Oklahoma City.

I’ve got to say it was much easier thinking about the keys as the scenery dramatically changed from the prior day! I was enjoying taking pics and once again imagining myself in the keys . ( Bob Banner I didn’t know you had a road named after you!)

Leaning tower of Britten

cb-windmills of OK (2)

cb-blue on ok prarie

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Captain Christie was working hard to keep the coach navigating forward as the Oklahoma winds lived up to their reputation! When I asked him how he was doing  he said “This is like driving a f***king bull!!!

We made it to a fantastic campground east of OK City and actually had time to swim , cook dinner and relax. I forgot what grass looked like we’ve been in the desert so long! LOL


As we were watching tv Christie said ,”do you here the bugs outside? “I replied ” I hear some major buzzing noise that can’t be bugs”

“Oh yes it is he assured me”

“It sounds like the movie the birds!” It’s freaking me out ”

To which he replied, “This is what it sounds like when the bugs cry”  ( shout out to Prince!)

3 Replies to “When the Bugs Cry”

  1. That would be eerie…Christie knows his authors and music. This man does it all…drive a ‘bull, cooks, mechanics, reads, travels…the only thing missing is does he sing and dance?? Let’s see some camp Brusha rv karaoke!!! Flight of the bumble bee…be safe! Xxoo


    1. YES CAROL YES! All we need is some other grass and tequila in his system and I am sure he’ll be a good ol’ hick by the end of the night. Get your spoons out!


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