Fire Flies, Humidity & Bass Pro Shop

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This was a pretty easy day, Thank God. It’s so hot and humid and I have been feeling a bit cranky . That’s because I forgot how physical it  is to travel in an RV! It feels like constant exercise getting up and down & running in the back to get Christie things. I mean I don’t mind because he does all the driving . ( He did say to me twice today …”If you want to drive I’ll pull over!” note  to self  .. don’t give my opinion on driving… just let it be!)

But it  is amazing how much exercise you get hopping to the back of the  RV and hanging on while adeptly making drinks and sandwiches for the Captain all the while understanding what it mus feel like to be a flight attendant ….during turbulence. ! I also have a full-time job being his admin assistant, google searcher and dog duties  . Bottom line, I’m getting a workout. I’m exhausted  and its hot and humid!

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So we are here in the Ozarks . Its beautiful but very , very muggy. No crying bugs tonight just flashes of light  from fireflies. I haven’t seen any since I was a kid.What memories it brings back from Illinois when I was young, catching firefly in jars. ( Is that cruel? )

We had a wonderful date night  at Bass Pro Shop where Grayson  was beside himself with all the smells. It’s like city in there. The one here also has an aquarium , of course a cost to get in. But the fish throughout the store were amazing!

Tomorrow we go from Springfield Missouri to Springfield Illinois. Can anyone tell me which one is the home of the Simpsons?

Pictures are all taken with my camera as we were driving! I love my Canon! 

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