Wild Horses & Banana Foster

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Have you ever tried hot yoga? me either . But I imagine it must feel like a lovely day in the park compared to loading up an RV for two months of travel in 111 degree heat. Seriously I think both Christie and I had a bit of heat stroke hauling all our crap, wagonful by wagonful , making sure our summer camping experience felt as close to being home as possible. Isn’t that ironic? We all do it , can’t wait to get away, unplug , get off the grid yet we feel the need to bring everything we possibly think we may need, no matter how slim the actual chances of us using it will actually happen.

The tech inventory is also extensive with 2 laptops, 1 Ipad, 2 Samsung Smartphones,  Wireless blue tooth speaker , Canon wi-fi enabled camera and that’s just the hardware! Uploading apps to listen to audio books, find rv site apps , music apps ,news apps , Facebook, twitter, Gmail you name it…we are ready to get away and relax!!


We started the trip with a “shakedown” as Christie calls it up to the Apache Indian Reservation in the white mountains of Arizona. Camp Brusha had been resting all winter and we wanted to make sure we gave ourselves a couple of days in the state to make sure everything was in ship-shape order. Good thing we did!

We were both so hot and tired by the time we got here we decided to have dinner at the casino. ( Oh yes , I neglected to say our first stop was right across from the Hun Dah Casino!) There was a major motorcycle rally going on along with a very loud concert that lasted what seemed to be way into the night.

Lets talk about the night, our bed in the RV is not very big so I volunteered to sleep on the pull out with the hopes we would both get a good nights sleep. Not a great idea. My feet were hanging off the edge, I was sliding all over and couldn’t get comfortable. I listened to the band, I listened to all the bikers leave the concert, I listened to Christie snore, all the while the temperature was dropping. So after a month of extreme heat I was so cold I couldn’t stop shivering and started piling blankets on me. Needless to say I’m going to sleep in the bed tonight.

The morning brought coffee outside with the spotting of a herd of wild horses running by.   The breeze was nice, Grayson was happy and all was wonderful. Then our batteries died and had no electricity. Well I guess that’s why you have a shakedown!

Grayson Camp Counsler
Wild Horses..Couldn’t drag me away!

While Christie had a plan and things were recharging we went to the casino for our favorite Champagne and Crab Sunday Breakfast Buffett…only $24.99 a person.  We stuffed our faces as we listened to Francesca play the piano . Of course we had to gamble while we were there!

It is impossible  not to think of my friend Carol whenever I am in casino but add Alaska King Crab and Bananas Foster for desert, it was like she was right there with us. 🙂

Don’t be a crab , you are just jealous!

Tomorrow our journey continues as we head toward our first major stop in Winsconsin…well we are not sure how far we will get but I will keep you updated LOL !

Safe summer travels to everyone!

8 Replies to “Wild Horses & Banana Foster”

  1. Sounds like a fabulous start….not the heat stroke or lack of sleep of course, but the food items!! AND of course, the ka-ching!!! Why go any further…sounds like you made it to paradise, haha. We too are packing…this is my third try to find the correct suitcase. Packing for a cruise, Yukon land package and a fishing trip is not easy….I am fed-exing the fishing stuff to AK. Who knows where we would leave it; plane, bus, train, Dawson City, Fairbanks, Whitehorse or even in Denver. We leave Thursday for Vancouver so we’ll be thinking of you two, of course!! Maybe one day we could vacation together??? Love you both and be safe!!

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  2. This is going to be fun! Already can’t wait to read tomorrows blog. Christie looks like a kid in a candy shop. Your poor nights sleep sounds like my every-night experience. No empathy from me on that one. I have to tell you, that buffet looks great. Hugs to all three of you. Thank God Grayson is in charge.

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  3. This is an absolute hoot! As I read this first post, I was laughing so loud I think I choked on my tea and I even shed a cheerful tear.

    I am sooooo looking forward to your iconic writing style and the adventures that are to come for the Brusha’s!

    You guys are amazing!

    BTW, the heat and then freezing part was absolutely on point.

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